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Emerson Dameron

Journalist, copywriter, humorist

Design, comedy, humor, technology, internet culture, startups, business, street art, pranks, Los Angeles

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Beginner's Guide to Content Strategy | UX Beginner

In the beginning, there was content. But there was not very much of it. As the web expanded and new spaces filled with content, Content Strategists arose to take on the awesome responsibility of creating, organizing, and caring for it all.


Ghosts In the Machine

An unusual Echo Park creative collective throws a party.


The Pleasures of Crappy Design: Dan Allen's Passion for Aesthetic Debacles

An interview with an expert on the extremes of design.


5 Secret Techniques of Great Interviewers

echniques from the fields of sales, psychology, entertainment, and beyond that can help you conduct an unforgettable interview and get a candidate’s job experience started on the strongest possible footing.

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4 Signs Your Loved One May Be Hiding Depression (and What You Can Do to Help)

Is someone you love stuck in a funk, or suffering from a more serious and dangerous emotional pain? If they were, would you know?


An Introduction to UX Research

UX research is a broad discipline encompassing an array of specific practices. Its goal is to cut through the fog of assumptions and shine a light on the reality of who people are, what they do, and what they want.


The Death of the Artist—and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur ...

Do you want to turn your passion into a career and use your ideas to enrich the lives of others?


Programmatic TV - AUDIENCEX

Programmatic TV combines the raw branding power of television with the fluidity, granular targeting, and in-depth measurement that savvy advertisers demand. AUDIENCEX now offers an impression-by-impression marketplace for linear TV ad inventory. Finally the streamlined specificity of digital advertising is coming to the most prominent screen in the home.


4 questions answered at microsampling workshops

4 questions answered at microsampling workshops


Hot Jobs In Cold Weather: Chicago Suburbs Edition

An email repurposed as a blog post.

Fireyourego article

Stop Blocking Yourself: Demote Your Ego and Get Creative Again

Stop Blocking Yourself: Demote Your Ego and Get Cre...

Digitaltransformation article

Digital Transformation: Here's What You Need to Know

Digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword. Like the rise of the internet in the ‘90s and the advent of smartphones in the ‘00s, the rapid digital transformation of the business landscape is already changing everything about work.


LAUX at TechJobsLA Event 2016

Job hunting is stressful. The TechJobsLA fair leans into it with more excitement and depth than the average professional speed-dating event.


Back To The Drawing Board

It begins with a sharpened pencil, a scrap of paper, and the germ of an idea.


A Review of Design Disruptors

Design Disruptors consists of interviews with well-placed Silicon Valley designers along with action shots of their work (and their fanciful workspaces). Decision-makers at Lyft, Facebook, Mailchimp, Pinterest, Spotify, and other powerful companies chime in about what they’re working on, what design is, and how it is shaping the contemporary world.