Emerson Dameron

Emerson Dameron

Journalist, copywriter, humorist

Design, comedy, humor, technology, internet culture, startups, business, street art, pranks, Los Angeles

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Get Off My Phone: A Toast to Scharpling and Wurster

In the 21st Century, it seems that everyone’s a prospect, has something to sell, or both. To stay balanced, we need people who can mess with our minds in ways that leave us more savvy, more c…...

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Providence Punks Poke Fun at Local Foodies

As marks go, culinary snobs are low-hanging pomegranates. But these anonymous Rhode Island performance artists get points for their attention to detail. (H/t to Dave Pell.) The Hippest Cafe in Prov…...


A Chat With Bob Schriner, the Prankster Behind the Wendy’s Deep-Fryer Call

Full disclosure: I, Emerson Dameron, am a proud contributor to various Chunklet projects. My dividends from Chunklet’s revenue-sharing plan can be counted on one middle finger. I consider man…...


Long May Your Refrigerator Run

Gadgetary advances be damned, phone pranks endure in both old- and new-school iterations and seem to be intertwined with the human drive to communicate. The Atlantic publishes a thinkpiece on the h…...